Axelon employees are compensated on a bi-weekly pay schedule.  You may receive a paycheck or elect to have a direct bank deposit anywhere in the U.S.  Money will be available in your account on the paydate.  Axelon also has subcontracting corp to corp relationships with S and C corporations. 
401 [K] Plan
Axelon offers a matching 401 [K] plan which provides a tax shelter to invest money for retirement.  By choosing the 401 [K] you reduce the amount of income subject to taxation while saving money for your future.  It is a smart way to provide retirement funds since taxes are only paid on the invested money when you withdraw it.
Education Benefits
Improvement of your technical skills benefits everyone. Upon approval of your Axelon account manager, we reimburse tuition after completion of college-level courses or other technical training directly related to your job and career.  You must earn acceptable grades to qualify for reimbursement.
Bonus Incentives
We pay a bonus to any employee who introduces a qualified professional who is hired into the Axelon family.  The bonus is paid when the individual is hired and remains a part of our family of experts for a minimum of two months.